It's All Done!!!

Monday, September 1st, 2008:

Here's what I did today to finish it all up:

  1. I drilled the hole for the end pin (ebony with abalone dot) and the remaining four holes in the bridge.
  2. I spent about an hour leveling and dressing the frets and cleaning up the fingerboard of glue/masking tape residue, etc. I then applied lemon oil to the fingerboard and bridge.
  3. I fit a 3/32" saddle to the bridge saddle slot and trimmed it to about 5/32" above the bridge.
  4. I installed the tuners (Schaller gold tuners with ebony knobs) and the strap peg for the heel.
  5. I did some preliminary shaping of the nut and cut the slots for the strings into the nut.
  6. Then I strung it up and spent about an hour or so filing the nut slots down until I had it just the way I wanted it.
  7. Finally, I filed the saddle down until the action was where I wanted it.

It sounds good! I can't wait to see how it will sound once it really loosens up and loses that "tight" sound it tends to have at first, at the first stringing up. Once it loosens up, I may do some more fine tuning of the action.

Here are some photos:




Now I need to find a case for this guitar!!!




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  34. It's All Done!!!




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