Beginning the Top Bracing


Thursday, July 17th, 2008:

Today I didn't do too much, as I was going see Ed Gerhard at the Freight and Salvage in Berkeley that evening. (Wonderful show!!!)

However, I did manage to scrape and sand down the rosette I installed yesterday.....







After I did that, I sanded the top to its final thickness, about 3.1mm (around 1/8"), and cut out the soundhole. Looking good.... It has a nice tap tone; it thumps to about a B-flat right now....








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  8. Shape Back Braces, Glue Neck Block, Make Spreaders
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  10. Rim-Sanding, Brace-Shaping, Go-Bar Modification, & Obon!!!
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  24. Fitting the Neck!!!
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  26. Finishing and Gluing the Fingerboard / Peghead Inlay
  27. Carving the Neck
  28. I Feel Good....The Basic Building is Done!!! (Now on to the Finishing....)
  29. Pore-Filling
  30. Sealing
  31. Finish Coats
  32. Finishing the Finish!!!
  33. Gluing the Bridge
  34. It's All Done!!!


Friday, July 18th, 2008:

Today I laid out the bracing plan on the top.




Then I started on the bracing. I first cut the lap joint on the x-braces and glued them down. This was the first time using my swivel go-bar deck, and it was wonderful!!! It made it SO much easier to apply the go-bar sticks to the different legs of the x-brace, and it was also much easier to get at the glue squeeze-out. All I had to do was turn the deck around to get at the different areas.






While that was in the go-bar deck, I decided to do a little bit on the neck blank. I drilled the hole for the 1/2" dowel in the heel (to give the threaded inserts for my bolt-on neck something to bite into other than end grain). Then I glued in the dowel.

I also cut the taper on my ebony fingerboard (1-3/4" at the nut end and 2-1/8" at the 12th fret), using my fingerboard taper jig .


Next, I glued a piece of spruce on top of the x-brace lap joint area, which I will carve later when I carve the x-braces.

I also glued in the upper transverse brace and the brace above that (I always forget what it's called). These two braces I glue flat, whereas the x-brace and tone bars I glue with the 25' radius on the gluing surface.










The last thing I did for the day was to shape the x-braces and the upper transverse brace, and then to glue the two tone bars and finger braces (I think that's what they're called). Tomorrow I will shape those.

Then it will be time to make and glue in the bridge patch and soundhole braces. At that point, the top bracing will be finished!!!







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