Wednesday, July 15th, 2009:

Well, today was kind of a "hodge-podge" day. I did lots of little things concerning the neck, interrupted here and there with another thing that was going on at my house — for a large part of the day, I was checking on the tree trimmers who were working in my yard. But, despite that, I was able to get a lot of little things done today.

Below you see that I have trimmed the neck blank flush with the peghead overlay. (I used my Robo-Sander to do that.) I have also marked for thinning the peghead (1/2" thick), which I will do tomorrow.


Here I have routed the center of the heel out to about 1/16" deep (done with my Dremel), leaving about 3/16" of an edge on both sides of the heel. This edge is what will actually contact the body; having a narrow edge such as this makes it easier to do the fitting of the neck to the body, because all I have to sand, then, is that narrow edge. The routed cavity in the middle is to allow for the slight curvature of the body.







Here I have marked and trimmed the heel close to its outline.



Another little thing I did today was to glue together some scraps of my bloodwood binding, so I can make a heelcap tomorrow.



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  2. A Little Change in Plans...
  3. Back Braces
  4. Carving the Back Braces & Cutting the Top Braces
  5. The Rosette / Tapering the Fingerboard
  6. Bracing the Top
  7. Carving the Braces / Gluing the Soundhole Braces & Bridge Plate
  8. The Finished Top and Back!!! / Cutting and Bending the Sides
  9. Fixing Cupped Sides / Making Spreaders & Clamping Cauls
  10. Neck and Tail Blocks
  11. Sanding the Radius into the Sides / Gluing the Kerfing Strips / Side Reinforcements
  12. Fitting & Gluing the Back
  13. Fitting & Gluing the Top
  14. We Have a Soundbox Now!!!
  15. Bending and Routing for Bindings
  16. Gluing the End Wedge & Bindings
  17. Scraping the Bindings
  18. Beginning the Neck
  19. The Neck, Continued!!!
  20. The Neck, Day 3
  21. Peghead, Tuners, Dots, & Frets!!
  22. Peghead Inlay
  23. Backstrap & Gluing the Fingerboard
  24. Carving the Neck / A "Duh!" Moment / Side Dots / Preparing for Finish
  25. Pore-Filling and Sealing
  26. Spraying the Top Coats
  27. Finishing the Finish / Gluing on the Neck
  28. Gluing on the Bridge
  29. Set-Up / It's All Done!



Another thing I did was to determine where to cut off the fingerboard. I have marked the top where I want the fingerboard to end. Now I can mark where the fingerboard meets that pencil line, and cut the fingerboard to that line.







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