Sunday, July 12th, 2009:

An exciting day today!!! THE SOUNDBOX IS FINISHED!!!!

This morning I removed the tape from the bindings on the top. When I got home from church, I first did my weekly challenge, the Sunday New York Times crossword puzzle (keeps my brain working), and then I began the task of scraping and sanding down the bindings.

It turned out I was very lucky this time!!! When I first looked at the bindings, right after removing the tape, it looked as if I had some gaps between the binding and the purfling on the upper bout of the back. However, after I scraped all the bindings and purflings down, it turned out that there were no gaps! I guess what I thought were gaps was just the black line of the purflings kind of smashed down, before scraping, making it look like black space there. gaps to have to deal with this time. YAY!

It took me around 3-1/2 hours to do all the scraping and sanding, so the bindings were flush to the body (in some places, my bindings were a bit proud of the sides, and that takes longer to scrape down than where they're proud of the top or back).

I think it came out nicely! Here are some pics:




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