FINALLY. . . .the last task for today. . .the back bracing.

The first thing I do is to cut and sand the three back braces to the 15' radius arch. The braces are 1/4" wide and 1/2" tall.

After doing that, to make the slots in the back reinforcement strip, I use a little saw I found a long time ago — I think it's for cutting veneer — that works well for sawing out the slots for the back braces. I like using it, instead of a razor saw, because its curved saw edge keeps the blade from marring the rosewood beyond the reinforcement sides. After the slot is cut out, I use a 1/4" chisel to knock out the spruce piece and to clean up the slot.


BELOW: The three braces fit snugly into their slots.

LOWER RIGHT PHOTO: Gluing the back braces in the go-bar deck.





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