A couple of quick photos:

I have just finished sawing out the peghead inlay (my initials, K & M). Here the inlay is just sitting on the peghead. Tomorrow I will rout out the cavity for the inlay and will glue it in.


Saturday, July 18th, 2009:

Here are some photos of routing the inlay cavity and gluing in the inlay:

After tacking the inlay on the peghead with a couple of dabs of Duco cement, I have scribed around the inlay with an Exacto knife.

I've routed the inlay cavity with my Dremel; I used a 1/16" bit for routing out the middle sections and a 1/32" bit for getting at the outer lines.

Here I've glued the inlay in with the epoxy and ebony dust.





Here I've filled the scribed lines with some yellow chalk dust.

The inlay fits pretty well! Yay!!!! This time I have minimal gaps (which will be filled with epoxy and ebony dust).


Well, now there's not really much for me to do except wait for the epoxy to cure enough that I can then glue the fingerboard to the neck. I'll do that later today. Then, I'll wait till tomorrow to scrape down the epoxy and see how the inlay came out.

Maybe tonight I will start carving the neck!



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