Scraping the Binding


Tuesday, July 10th, 2012:

I didn't take any photos yesterday, but I did work on the uke --- I bent and glued all the back bindings. Then, late last night, I removed the tape from the bindings, to let it air-cure overnight.

This morning, I first dealt with a slight gap I had on one side of the waist area on the back. What I did first was to make a couple of waist cauls. Then, I slipped some Titebond into the gap and applied a long Jorgensen clamp to the cauls at the waist. Next, using a heat gun on a low setting, I heated up the area of the gap until I saw the glue start bubbling. When I saw that, I slowly tightened the clamp until the gap was gone. I let it sit for a while, and, once it cooled down, I removed the clamp. It worked! No more gap!

The next task was to scrape down all the bindings. That took a while (probably an hour or so).

Finally, I bent and glued the shallow bindings on the harpbox peghead. This proved to be a little difficult, as the short curved section kept breaking on me! But finally I got it done, and it's all taped up now. We'll see how it looks tomorrow. are a bunch of photos of how it is all looking now.








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  3. Bracing
  4. Carving the Braces
  5. Bending the Sides
  6. Neck and Tail Blocks
  7. Pegheads & Top Kerfing
  8. Profiling the Sides for the Back
  9. Soundport and Side Reinforcements
  10. Gluing on the Top
  11. Gluing on the Back
  12. Trimming Overhang & Harpbox Peghead
  13. Routing for Binding
  14. End Wedge & Binding
  15. Scraping the Binding, Binding the Harpbox Peghead
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  18. The Neck is Finished!!! Now to the Bridge!!!
  19. Peghead Inlay, Final Sanding & Pore-Filling
  20. Shellac Seal Coats and Finishing!!!
  21. Finishing the Finish!!!
  22. The Final Steps
  23. It is Finished!!!









6:30 p.m., still Tuesday:

I removed the tape from the harpbox peghead binding. Here's the result, after a little gap-filling and sanding:


I think it looks much better than the first harp ukulele peghead!!!



Here's the side view of the harpbox peghead (see the attempt at the mahogany gap-fill?):

Here 's the other side of the harp box:


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