Making Spreaders & Finishing the Mold

Thursday, July 8th, 2010:

Today I got a start on making my spreaders for this uke. I've never had a set method of making spreaders, but this time I decided to try out Dave Painter's simple method that he describes here. Here I've clamped up the glued-up spreader pieces. The pieces with the two slots (for the turnbuckle eyes to sit in) will be later cut in half — one half is for the waist spreader and the other half is for the upper bout spreader. The piece with the single slot is for the lower bout spreader. After I remove the clamps, I will bandsaw out the pieces to match the mold outline at the point the spreaders will contact, and I will trim the pieces down.






Another thing I did today was to put a few coats of shellac on my mold, to give it a little protection and durability. Holding it in my vise enables me to get to all the sides at once.

It's around 6:00 p.m. right now. I think what I'll do now is to take out my top and back (which I joined a few days ago), do a preliminary thicknessing, and start marking out the bracing plans on the top and back.

Then the fun really begins!





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Later that evening . . . . .

Well, to the left you can see that I have finished the spreaders. I cut them out on the bandsaw, superglued some cork on to the spreader surfaces, and tried them out. Success!!!!

Stay tuned . . . Tomorrow I will begin work on the top and back.





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