Top Bracing (Day 2) and the Arbor!!!


The main accomplishment of today was finishing all the gluing and carving of all those 23 Kasha top braces!!!

This is what I woke up to this morning. (I had glued these all on yesterday.)






I still had to glue on the two 2" braces that abut the little skinny curved braces in the upper and lower treble bouts:

Well, I got that accomplished, and here is the result; all 23 braces are glued on.



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  11. Paraffin Oil Polishing and Finishing it All Up!
  12. Saddle Compensation Jig
  13. REALLY Finishing It Up Now!!!





Below you see I have done the basic tapering from the braces' peaks down to the 1/16" tall ends.


After I did the initial shaping, I tapered the sides of the braces and sanded them smooth.

Here I am gluing on the center strip reinforcements.


And here is the final product!

As I was working with the top, I kept tapping it. Its tone went from a D, then, after I had the braces glued on, down to a B. Now that the braces have been shaped, it's down to a B-flat. It has a nice, clear ring to it!

It will be really interesting to see how this bracing affects the sound of the uke!


The final photos for today ---- they started the arbor today!!!!






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