Continuing the Binding

Saturday, December 22nd, 2012:

I don't have much time today to work on the guitar (have a couple of Christmas get-togethers), but I was able to level down the binding on the fingerboard. I used my mini-plane and sandpaper to do this.

Here is the bound fingerboard set against the guitar:



And here it is how it might all look under finish (I've dampened the guitar top and put some lemon oil on the fingerboard):

Kind of pretty, huh???



Thursday, December 27th, 2012:

Well, since last Saturday, I have been working, here and there, on the binding. As I previously had stated, my first intention was to bend the bloodwood bindings by hand, since I had not built a side-bending form (because I'd bent the sides by hand). I've done this before with bloodwood binding, with no problems. However, when I started to bend these bindings on my electric bending iron, my first two pieces cracked on me.

Therefore, I decided to build a quick bending form and bend them on the bending machine. Here they are in the bender, with all sorts of clamps and supporting pieces attached. I supported the bindings between two scrap pieces of 3/32" thick wood (as pictured here, in a previous instrument:

Even after bending the strips in the bender, I still had some touching up and adjustments to the bends to do on the electric iron, which took me a bit of time. But everything turned out okay in the end.




Here are the results, after I have scraped and sanded the bindings down. I still have a few places on the sides where I need to fill some gaps between the binding and the sides, and I will do that by putting some Titebond in the gaps and sanding it with 120-grit, so the sanding dust will mix with the Titebond and fill those gaps.


Here is the end wedge and binding. (I still have to do the gap-filling on the sides, so that gap at the bottom will disappear later.)


Below is how the fingerboard will look with the binding scheme.


And here are two views of the peghead scoop:



Well, that's it for today. I am tired. I think tomorrow I will take a break from building and go to see "Les Miz"!!!






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