It's Finished!!!

Still Friday, January 18th, 2013, in the evening:

Well, it is all finished now!!! Here's what I did this afternoon:

First, I fit the saddle to the 3/32" slot. About 2/3 of it is sitting below the top of the bridge, and about 1/8" sits above. This makes the strings about 1/2" above the soundboard, which is what I wanted.





Here I have strung up the guitar.


Here is a shot of the peghead and tuners. You might notice that I have wound the 6th and 1st strings in the reverse direction from normal. This is because, had I wound them in the normal direction, there would be too sharp of an angle at the nut, and a possibility of the string breaking. Winding the string in the opposite direction gives a straighter string line.


Here's a shot of the guitar after it has been strung up.


And, finally, a quick little video I made today:










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