Preparing for Binding

Wednesday, December 19th, 2012:

Spent a couple of hours trimming the overhang of the top and the back. I used a bunch of different tools to do that --- a block plane, my little mini-planes, and my mini-drawknife. After I got it all fairly flush, I used a sandpaper block (80-grit sandpaper stuck to a piece of wood about 4" by 12") to true up the sides.

Now it actually is beginning to look like a Weissenborn!!!





My bloodwood for the bindings just arrived today --- I had ordered a neck lamination board (about 1/4" thick by 5" or so wide, and 48" long) that I can slice into binding strips. Chris Herrod, of LMI, made this great suggestion, as a solution to my problem of not being able to easily find the longer binding strips needed for this instrument. Thanks, Chris!!!

Tonight I will play around with the strips and figure out how I want to do the binding --- I haven't decided yet whether or not I want to have any purfling strips with the bloodwood binding. I might just go for a simpler look, and just do the bloodwood, sans purfling (on both the top/back and sides). With all the stripiness of the Tasmanian blackwood, simpler might be better. (Not to mention how much easier it will be to install the binding that way!)



Thursday, December 20th, 2012:

The first thing I did today was to drill the tuner holes. I had forgotten to do that when the peghead was still free from the neck/sides (that would have been easier). However, it wasn't too much of a problem; I simply propped up the body of the guitar with my roller stand, so that the peghead could lie level on the drill press table.

Next, I cut up some binding strips today, from the LMI neck lamination bloodwood board. Cut them to around .090". The board was 1/4" thick, so just right for the height of the binding strips.

Also made and installed my end wedge:

I have decided to just do a simple bloodwood binding, without any purfling strips, on this instrument. I think simpler is better here!

Tomorrow I will rout out the channels for the binding.





One last photo for today: I inlaid the fingerboard position dots and trimmed the end of the fingerboard:


Friday, December 21st, 2012:

The first thing I did today was to bind the fingerboard with some bloodwood binding. The strips are a bit tall, but I will shave them down after the glue has set. I think it's going to look very pretty!






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