Bracing: Days 3 & 4

Sunday, December 9th, 2012:

Took a day off from working on the guitar yesterday (went to see "The Book of Mormon" musical in San Francisco). Got back to it today after church.

Today I did some rough carving of the top braces, using the little mini-plane I got from Stephen Boone and a couple of chisels. Here's where it's at right now:

Tomorrow, I will sand the braces smooth and then glue on the remaining braces (the two triangle braces, remaining centerstrip braces, and the bridge plate). Then it will be time to carve the back braces.


Carving braces is a messy job, what with wood chips and shavings flying all over the place, getting stuck to my clothes and socks, and thus travelling on to other rooms as well. Time to vacuum!!!






Monday, December 10th, 2012:

After I sanded down all the top braces from yesterday's rough carving, I then glued in the remaining top braces:





And while that was in the go-bar deck, I carved and sanded the back braces.

Here are the two plates, braces all glued, carved, and sanded:

Next, I think I will make some spreaders for holding the sides to the mold, and then will work on making the tail block. Then I'll be ready to bend the sides and make the peghead assembly.






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