Finishing the Bending Form & Joining the Top

Wednesday, June 1st, 2011:

Here's what I've done so far today. I drilled eight 1/2" holes along the rim of the bending forms (with the two layers still screwed together) and the 1/2" hole for the waist alignment bolt.

Then I cut eight pieces of 1/2" dowels, 6" long. I unscrewed the two bending form layers and glued the dowels into the first layer:




Then I put glue into the holes of the second layer, lined it all up with the dowels, and tapped it together. When it's dry, I will sand it all flush.




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  11. The Neck
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  13. The Soundbox & Neck are Complete!!!
  14. Sanding, Pore-Filling, and Finishing!!!
  15. RECESS: Building a Bulkhead Door!!!
  16. I'm Back — Rubbing Out the Finish!!!
  17. Final Assembly & Set-Up!!!



(1) Now it was time to work on the top. I think what I've got here is some Carpathian spruce that I've had for a while. I first jointed the top using my "Easy Jointer" from Luthier Suppliers. Then I set up my joining board (all it is, is a board upon which I've set a yardstick in the center, under some waxed paper).

(3) I apply glue to both jointed edges, remove the yardstick, and press the two halves down. The joint is then firmly squeezed together. Finally, I place some waxed paper on top of the glued joint and clamp it down with a wood strip.



(2) I will place the two halves of the top on top of this, with the center joint on top of the waxed paper/yardstick, so that the top is "tented." Then, pressing the joint together, I draw lines on both outer sides of the top halves and hammer a few nails along those lines.


Well, that's it for today. Time to take Hannah for a walk! I think I'll spend the evening starting to read the "homework" book for the Sirius puppy class I'll be starting next week with Hannah....

Tomorrow, I'll probably do a light sanding of the top, just to make it smooth, so I can begin working on the rosette and bracing.

(By the way, that shape drawn on the top is, of course, not my harp ukulele shape — it's just the shape that the wood suppliers drew on the set!)