A Harp Ukulele!!!


Here are the two YouTube videos that made me fall in love with the idea of building a harp-ukulele:





Hey....here's another video I just found today, of guitar/ukulele prodigy Sungha Jung playing the harp ukulele (Pete Howlett's design & Anuenue Ukulele's product):


Click on the little movies below for info on what I'll be doing for this summer's project:

May 14th:


May 24th:

(Here's a link to Muriel Anderson playing harp guitar!!!)


Friday, May 27th, 2011:

Well, my summer vacation has officially begun!!! Here's a little video to begin with:

Here's Pete Howlett's plan I'm working from:


Here's a site I found helpful in trying to figure out what to do to build this harp ukulele (though it's a site on building a harp guitar, there are a lot of similarities):


And here's a message thread posted by the same builder, with more info on building a harp guitar:





Saturday, May 28th through Sunday, May 29th:

No building on these two days . . . . I got kind of side-tracked . . . . I got a new puppy!!! Emily, my previous dog, had passed away this past December, and I was waiting until summer to look for another dog.

Well, I found her this weekend, and, for the rest of the story, read here.


Monday, May 30, 2011:

Now that Hannah (my new puppy) is all settled in, I got back to working on the harp ukulele today. I had already drawn the shape of the mold on Friday, using the templates I had made from Pete Howlett's plan:

Then I used my bandsaw to cut the shape out. I first bandsawed close to the line, then used the drum sander in my drill press to get right up to the line and smooth it all out:




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  1. The Bending Form Finished / Joining the Top
  2. The Top: Rosette and Soundholes
  3. Bracing the Top
  4. The Back, Gluing and Carving the Braces
  5. The Sides
  6. Blocks
  7. Harp Box Peghead & Kerfing
  8. The Soundbox
  9. The Soundbox is Complete!!!
  10. Binding
  11. The Neck
  12. Fitting & Carving the Neck
  13. The Soundbox & Neck are Complete!!!
  14. Sanding, Pore-Filling, and Finishing!!!
  15. RECESS: Building a Bulkhead Door!!!
  16. I'm Back — Rubbing Out the Finish!!!
  17. Final Assembly & Set-Up!!!