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  1. Bending
  2. And More Bending!
  3. Neck Block & Kerfing
  4. Top, Back, & Kerfed Side Set
  5. Side Reinforcements & Rosette Channel
  6. Braces
  7. Even More Braces!
  8. The Soundbox
  9. Binding & Neck
  10. The Neck, Continued
  11. Finish Carving the Neck
  12. Peghead Inlay
  13. Finishing!!!
  14. Rubbing Out the Finish & Gluing the Neck and Bridge
  15. Leveling Frets, Nut & Saddle Work, and Stringing Her Up!!!
  16. The Final Product!!!

(last updated 8/19/06)


Tuesday, July 4th (Part Two):

After I finished gluing in the rosette, I set about making my braces. I had been generously given a free billet of Carpathian spruce brace stock, when I had bought my Carpathian spruce top from Colonial Tonewoods. So, today, I went to my bandsaw and table saw and cut up the braces for the back and top. After that was all done, I glued on the back braces:



Wednesday, July 5th :

Here's the soundhole rosette, after I have scraped and sanded it down:






Gluing on braces:

Here, the rosewood bridge plate, the upper face brace, and the upper transverse graft:


Here, the soundhole braces:


Here is the soundboard so far:




Here is the back, after I have shaped the back braces:

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