July 22, 1999 . . . . I glued the rosewood headplate to the peghead, drew in the peghead shape. (I decided to try something different this time. With the peghead shaped this way, the strings won't be at as sharp an angle to the nut. And I think this shape looks kind of graceful.) I then drilled the tuner holes.

I have glued a thin red veneer sheet in between the rosewood headplate and the mahogany peghead.



July 22, 1999 . . . .To the right is the heel, after I have shaped it, using the micro drawknife, a little skew chisel, scraper, and sandpaper. There is still more refining to come, after I have carved the neckshaft.

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  4. Side Bending!
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  8. Back
  9. Soundbox
  10. Binding
  11. Fingerboard
  12. Finishing the Neck
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