August 10, 1999 . . . . Well, I strung it up today, after making the nut and saddle, and filing the nut slots. It sounds good! The sound is nice and clear! I'm going to let the guitar settle in and loosen up for a day or so, before I do the final adjusting of the action and do some leveling and polishing of the frets, to take care of a few buzzes.

Here are some quick shots of the finished guitar:





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  1. Intro Page
  2. Making the Mold
  3. Making a Side Bending Form
  4. Side Bending!
  5. The Side Set
  6. Beginning the Neck
  7. Top
  8. Back
  9. Soundbox
  10. Binding
  11. Fingerboard
  12. Finishing the Neck
  13. Finishing
  14. Nearing the End...
  15. Stringing 'er Up!!!

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