Building the Grand Concert


June 25, 1999.....I built the mold today. I've made many different types of molds, but this one was the easiest to do. I followed an idea from the Lutherie Tools book (published by the Guild of American Luthiers) this time.

I first made a template strip of one half of the guitar shape. I used tempered hardboard and drilled three indexing holes in the template. Then, I traced the template four times, onto 3/4" plywood, including the indexing holes. Next, I used a jigsaw (it doesn't bind, as my little bandsaw tends to) to cut out the four pieces, about 1/16" outside the traced lines. After drilling the corresponding indexing holes in the plywood pieces, I then attached the template to one of the pieces using dowel pins through the indexing holes. I used a 1" carbide-tipped flush-cutting router bit with a ball-bearing roller, to rout the plywood piece flush to the template. I did the same to the other three pieces. It came out great!!!! All four pieces came out exactly the same, and nice and smooth! I had never had that kind of uniformity using my little Delta 8" bandsaw.

After I had my four pieces, I glued and nailed ten 2" tall spacer blocks in between the plywood pieces, again using the indexing holes to line it all up correctly. Finally, I screwed 3" mending plates to join the two halves together. When I need to remove the guitar body from the mold, I only need to unscrew the mending plates.

I'm still waiting for my supplies for this it's a good opportunity for me to start working on my side bending form.

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