July 9, 1999 . . . .

For the back, I have already joined the back halves, inlaid a white/red/white thin backstrip, cut 1/2" outside the guitar-shape outline, and marked the spots for the braces.

Here I am gluing in the spruce back reinforcement strip. I clamped down my metal straightedge at half the width of the backstrip from the center line. Against this, I glued down the back reinforcement strip, clamping it down with a single wood bar.


Tomorrow I will use the go-bar deck to glue on the arched back braces.


July 10, 1999 . . . .

Here is the back reinforcement strip after the glue has set. I have not yet sanded or shaped the strip (rounding the edges).


July 11, 1999 . . . . To the right is the back, after it has been braced and the braces shaped. I used the go-bar deck, with the back sitting atop the 15-foot-radius dish, to glue on the braces.


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Here's the back inlay strip, made of three wood veneer lines. This is the same pattern that will run underneath the bindings on the sides.

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