Shaping the Neck


Now that the soundbox is done, it's back to the neck. Here I've cut (with the bandsaw) the heel profile.

My 8" Delta bandsaw tends to bind on thick, curved cuts, so I first cut about six relief cuts, then cut the curved line.

Here's another view of the neck after I have cut the heel profile.

Next, I trimmed the sides of the neck, to within 1/8" of the fingerboard outline.


Finally, I have shaped the heel. I changed my mind and decided to do a wide heel, rather than the pointed heel, to better blend with the cutaway shape of this guitar.

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  6. The Soundbox
  7. The Neck
  8. Binding
  9. Shaping the Neck
  10. The Bridge
  11. The Finishing
  12. It's Finished!!!

(last updated 9/7/98)


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