The Soundbox

The kerfing has been removed where the top cross braces meet the sides. (Later I will add support braces that run from the brace ends up the side.) Here I'm gluing the top by clamping the sides down upon the top, which is lying on the 25' radius dish.

Another view of the workboard I am using to glue the top.

Here are several views of the soundbox, after the top and back have been glued to the sides. The overhanging wood of the top and back will be trimmed off tomorrow.

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  3. Bracing the Top
  4. The Back
  5. The Sides
  6. The Soundbox
  7. The Neck
  8. Binding
  9. Shaping the Neck
  10. The Bridge
  11. The Finishing
  12. It's Finished!!!

(last updated 9/7/98)