Well, school's been in session two weeks now, and I finally have a few days (Labor Day weekend) to finish up the weird classical. Last weekend I applied the finish (LMI waterborne urethane) --- eleven coats of it --- with a foam brush. I let it sit for the week to cure completely.

Today I rubbed out the finish. I rubbed it out with Micro-Mesh sanding cloths, wet-sanding with water and a little dishwashing detergent. I started with the Micro-Mesh 1500 grit and go all the way up to the 12,000 grit. By the time I got to the 12,000 grit, the finish was just about complete. To make it a little bit deeper a shine, I then used Finesse-It, Meguiar's Mirror Glazes #9 and #10.


To the right, I am wet-sanding with the Micro-Mesh paper wrapped around the foam block that comes with the set.


Below, I am gluing the fingerboard extension only, after fastening the two bolts which attach the neck to the soundbox.


To the right, two views of the guitar, after the neck has been bolted and the fingerboard extension glued.



To the right is the slotted peghead, all finished up, the tuners installed. The yin-yang symbol came out kind of nice, huh???



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