Making the Rosette:

Gluing the jointed top halves. I use small brads to hold the two halves tightly together (not nailed through the soundboard, just placed at the edges!). I clamp the glued joint down between waxed paper strips and a straight board on top.


The soundhole channels after they have been routed out with the Dremel circle cutter.


The soundhole black/white purflings and abalone strips have been glued into the channels.


This is the final soundhole rosette, after it has been scraped and sanded down level.

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  4. Bracing the Back
  5. The Sides
  6. Making the Soundbox
  7. Binding
  8. Shaping the Neck
  9. What's Left To Do?
  10. The Fingerboard
  11. The Peghead Inlay
  12. Finishing the Neck
  13. Finishing
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