Soundhole Reinforcement & Backstrip

Tuesday, July 24th, 2007:

With the rosette inlaid and the top thickness-sanded to about 3mm, I could now begin working on the bracing for the top. Here I have placed my bracing plan over the top, to mark the positions of the braces.



Here's the top with the bracing plan marked out. Notice that I am deviating from the original plan's two soundhole reinforcement braces, in favor of a soundhole reinforcement "donut" instead. I don't know --- I just like the additional sturdiness that a soundhole donut gives.


In much the same way that I had clamped the glued rosette down, I am here clamping the spruce soundhole reinforcement piece.


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Here it is, after I have removed the clamps. Later, I will rout out the soundhole and complete the shaping of the "donut" ring, to come out something like this.