Installing the Rosette

After some test routs on scrap wood, I used my Dremel and circle cutter to rout the channel for the pre-made rosette I had purchased. I used a 1/16" inch downcut spiral bit (instead of a larger bit) because it seemed to cut much more cleanly. I just made many, many cuts, until I had the proper width for the rosette ring. I cut a channel about 1/16" deep.


Here's the routed channel.



Here I am test-fitting the rosette into the channel.


Here I am clamping down the glued rosette (glued with Titebond) with a block of wood.

After sanding the glued rosette down, I dampened the curly redwood top, to see what the top and rosette will look like when the finish goes on. Pretty, isn't it? To the right, I've placed the mold over the top, to get another picture of what the top will look like.




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