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Summer 2012: A Second Harp Ukulele!!!

Since I sold last summer's harp ukulele to a fellow teacher, I now need to build another . . . this one to keep!
After seeing Pete Howlett's prototype of a tenor harp ukulele, I was so fascinated, I had to build one myself!

Summer 2010: A Kasha Baritone Ukulele

After seeing a tenor Kasha ukulele (with a soundport) built by Matt Blacka, I got jazzed about trying this with a baritone-sized ukulele. I got the plans from Hanalima of Hawaii, and had a great time building it this summer!

I've decided to build a cute little Martin-style Size 5 guitar this summer. This will be the fourth one I've built. The others belong to friends and family — this one's for me!


In the summer of 2006, I built a guitar styled after Taylor's Size 12 (Grand Concert) cutaway. Supposedly, it was for "dream guitar." But, last October, I ended up giving it away to a former student of mine, who works with a missions organization in Germany — he is quite talented musically and was guitar-less at that time (because he had given his own guitars away to students he was working with!). It was kind of a spontaneous decision, on my part, to give him the guitar. I figured it would be put to a better use with him, and I was really happy to do it!!!

But...while I have enjoyed immensely my classical I built last summer, I recently have gotten inspired again to play steel-string guitar, after having seen these really cool YouTube videos of this amazing 10-year-old Korean guitarist named Sungha Jung — check him out: Cherry Blossom Time, The Third Man Theme, and Finger Pickers Have More Fun, Close to Heaven, Angel's Sunday, and First Shoes (I especially love this one!!!).

Now, there's no way I can learn to play as wonderfully as he does, but I can dream, can't I????

ANYWAY....I have decided to build another Grand Concert cutaway. Maybe I'll keep this one.


July 2007 : A (Somewhat) Traditional Classical Guitar

Well, this time it will be a classical guitar, using a BEAUTIFUL flamed redwood top, East Indian rosewood for the back and sides, and bloodwood bindings. The "somewhat" is my traditional bolt-on neck.


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