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This site is for things about me that don't necessarily have to do with lutherie. Here you'll find photos of my pets and my house. Welcome to my other world!!!

ROOM #1: My New House

In late1998, I bought my brother's house. After I got into guitarbuilding, my former house felt a bit small. I was doing all my guitarbuilding in the same little spare bedroom in which I had my computer and teaching supplies. I had all my power tools crammed into the little utility laundry room. It was time for a change. My new house is just a perfect fit --- it has an extra room which I can dedicate to guitarmaking AND it even has a workshed in which I can house the messy powertools! What more could I ask for?????

NEW : I've added some new photos ---- to the Guitarmaking Room and the Workshed

NEWER: SUMMER 2003 ..... I'm building a new SHED (actually, it's not me who's doing the building, but someone else!). Check it out!!!!


ROOM #2: Maggie and Emily and Abby, Too

 Abby was my second dog; she died in 1999 of lymphoma. After she died, I just couldn't remain without a dog for long, so I got Emily . . . and then her pal, Maggie. Take a look at my cuties!!!!

 Abigail Matsushita 1987-1999







Click here for some cute "Kitty Haiku"!!!

(If you own a kitty, you'll probably relate to these.)

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