In 1987, I adopted Abigail (otherwise known as "Abby") from the Humane Society. She's part German Shepherd and part something-or-other (no one quite knows what -- I think she looks like she has Great Dane in her). She's an intelligent, somewhat shy, loving girl, and a little on the weird side. Her favorite thing to do nowadays is to bring me my tennis shoes every morning, no matter where I've left them the night before, for she knows she'll get a "cookie" (MilkBone), her reward for helping me get dressed....



Abby's Very First Day In Her New Home

A Favorite Hat For Lounging In

Snug and cozy...

That first day, she wouldn't leave my feet!


Caught in the Act!!!


Rabbit Ears (or Kangaroo Abby)


Now, why'd you have to wake me up????

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