Here is my most exciting recent "find" --- my new workbench!!! For years, I had been on the lookout for a bureau that would just fit this space, one which had plenty of large drawers and was sturdily-built. I hadn't had much luck. But, finally, this summer, I spotted one in a local Goodwill store. Its tag said $100, which I was perfectly willing to spend. So up I went to the register to pay for it, and what do you was on sale for $69!!! My lucky day!!!! I took it home, stripped it of its ugly red-brown paint, repainted it, replaced the drawer pulls, and attached a 1" thick masonite and tempered hardboard top. It's perfect --- it has four large drawers on top and two double-deep drawers on the bottom.



A view (from my living room doorway) of my workroom, as it presently looks.

That little white shelf you see on the wall used to be something I had sitting flat on the floor to keep my guitar cases from sliding all over the place. It wasn't actually built to be a shelf. But when I needed room for my new Tormek sharpening station, it became a shelf!!!

 Another shot of my storage closet.

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