Odds'n'Ends...My New House

January 1999 ...For the past few months, I've been kind of neglecting this website....the main reason being I was in the process (ever since September) of selling my old house (the one you've seen in all the photos on the website) and buying a new house. Actually, the house I bought was my brother's. I was really excited about it, because it had two small bedrooms downstairs and a master bedroom upstairs....and a workshed in the back! I could finally have a room dedicated to my guitar-making hobby, another room dedicated to my computer/teaching work, AND a shed I could put all my tools and messy powertools in (though it had no electricity yet). The house-selling process was kind of a roller-coaster ride, but it finally was accomplished, and I moved into my new home in mid-December. Since then, I've been working on the house non-stop --- doing things like getting a 220 circuit put in for my dryer, getting a main water shut-off valve put in, building shallower deck steps so my dog, Abby, who has hip dysplasia, could be able to handle getting in and out of the house, building shelves all over the place, and, finally, getting the workshed wired with electricity. Every day I think of new projects, big and little, that I could do in the house. But now it finally feels livable (at least I'm through with living amid cardboard boxes!). The next big projects will be fixing my leaky workshed roof and getting a new gas range and countertops installed in my little kitchen.....AND finally getting started on working on guitars again (probably another "weird classical," since I have the other halves of the spruce and cedar tops left over from my last weird classical).....

For those of you who have heard about and have asked about the progress in my new house adventure, here are a bunch of photos. I really LOVE this house....it feels like "home."

The Outside





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 Guitarmaking Room

 Living Room / Kitchen




 New Shed!

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