Sunday, August 1st. . . .

After church, I spent the afternoon carefully sanding the body and neck with 120, then 220 grit. I dampened the surfaces a couple of times to raise the grain, and when that was dry, I sanded it all down again with 220.

Monday & Tuesday, August 2nd & 3rd. . .

I spent today preparing the guitar for the finishing. First I sealed the guitar and neck by padding on a few coats of 2-lb.cut shellac which I had mixed the day before. Then I decided to use a different method of pore-filling than I've ever used before; I decided to use 5-minute epoxy. At the GAL convention, I had seen Cyndy Burton use this method, so I wanted to try it. Previously, I had always used an oil-based paste pore filler, but then had to wait a few days before I could start applying any finish. I liked the idea of the clear epoxy revealing the grain more deeply and richly, and the fact that I wouldn't have to wait as long to start spraying the finish. I used an old credit card to squeegee the epoxy into the pores; a couple of applications was all it took. Then I sanded it down a bit, and applied three more thin coats of shellac.

Wednesday, August 4th. . .

Today I started spraying the finish. I went and bought myself a new little air compressor --- nothing huge or fancy, but a bit better than the tiny (tankless) PowerPal compressor I had before. I also bought myself a Campbell Hausfeld HVLP conversion gun.




While I'm busy spraying, this is what my advisors, Maggie and Emily, are busy doing.

I am using Target Coatings' new USL (Ultima Spray Lacquer) waterbased finish. So far I have sprayed on three coats (I am working on these webpages in between spraying sessions). They recommend allowing at least an hour between coats, so that's what I'm doing.

It is going on very, very smoothly!!!! Either I have finally figured out how to adjust my spray gun properly, or this new USL really does flow out better! Maybe it's my new compressor?

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