Tuesday, May 1st, 2001 . . .

Today my order from International Violin Company arrived! Pretty exciting day. Now that the actual supplies have arrived, this project is a reality!

To the right are the various woods for the violin. From left to right:
  • the split wedge of spruce for the top
  • the flamed maple wedge for the back
  • the flamed maple sides
  • the maple neck block
  • the fiber elastic purfling strips
  • the willow lining strips
  • the spruce soundpost
  • the spruce bass bar

Here are the various other fittings that will complete the violin:

  • ebony chinrest
  • ebony fingerboard
  • ebony tailpiece
  • spruce bridge
  • string adjusters
  • tailpiece adjuster
  • ebony non-slip pegs
  • ebony endpin
  • ebony nut
  • ebony saddle

There sure are a lot of little things that go into making a violin, aren't there?

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