Saturday, April 28, 2001 . . .

Today I made the turntable for carving the outside arch of the top and back. The turntable is 9" by 16" and is made out of some plywood scraps I had lying around. In the center is a countersunk 3" carriage bolt. I have drilled a 1/4" hole into my workbench table. The turntable can thus be secured tightly to the workbench (with one of those black clamping knobs underneath) and can be swiveled around to any position, as I sit at the end of the bench.

The two wood screws protruding from the top of the turntable will grab the top or back, so clamps will not obstruct my carving area.

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I also spent today cutting the eleven 1/2" dowels; these will be used in the mold when it's time to clamp and glue the sides to the corner and end blocks. The larger 7/8" dowels are for clamping against the outside of the sides.

I also had found some close-grained clear pine at my local Home Depot, so I cut out some 1-1/4" by 1-1/4" blocks (1-1/2" long) to possibly use for my corner blocks. The photo to the left shows how the corner blocks are placed into the mold.


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