Carving the Scroll: Day 2 (The Pegbox, Too)

Saturday, July 21st, 2001


Today I carved down from the edges of the scroll, to form the sunken inner area of the ramp. To the left, I have roughly carved it out, and below I have scraped and sanded it out.

Now it's time to hollow out the pegbox. First I drilled down into the pegbox area, to mark the depth of the box. I have placed the neck in the vise, protected by the two cutoff neck pieces. To the right, I have begun hollowing out the box, using a 1/4" chisel. I will chisel until I reach the bottom of the drilled holes.


Here's the finished pegbox. Tomorrow, I need to carve the outer face of the scroll down to the "chin" and bevel the edges.


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