Making a Hollowing Table

Sunday, July 8th, 2001

Okay, so here's what I did today, after coming home from church. I spent about six hours making the table you see to the right. It's a table to hold the top and back plates securely, so I can hollow out the inside surfaces. It is similar to my other carving table, in that I can bolt it to my workbench and it can swivel around to any position I want. Three of the cork-lined supports are fixed to the table; the fourth one (bottom of photo) swivels on a dowel and can be tightened with a wedge. (This is in case there is any slight variation in the plates.) The clamp in the upper right-hand corner is to secure the back button tab. I have lined the bottom with cork, to protect the plates' outer arches.






Here is the table with the back plate secured. Tomorrow I will hollow out the back plate.




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