Session #11


Monday, June 29th, 2015:


Tonight, Randall used the binding router jig to rout the channels for the top and back binding. Having already used the jig to rout the top and back overhangs flush to the sides, he's an old pro at it now!

The router bit (with its bearing) is set so that the bindings are flush to the sides and to the top and back.







After having routed the binding channels, now Randall is gluing and clamping the bindings into the channels. Titebond Original glue and the Stew-Mac binding tape are perfect for this job.

Before gluing in the bindings, he has prepared the binding strips by slightly chamfering the inside bottom corner of the strip with a scraper. This will help binding to sit nicely in the channel.






Almost done!!!


The binding is all glued and clamped. Now it will sit like this until tomorrow, when I will remove the tape.





Tuesday, June 30th, 2015:

I removed the tape, and here it is!!! The bloodwood bindings are going to look really nice with the mahogany!








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