A little impromptu (no practice --- haven't tried to play this in months) fingerpicking, using a clattering thumb pick and too-short fingernails. The strings are STILL stretching, but each day it feels a little more comfortable to play... Enjoy (or not)!!!


Another un-practiced tune:


Kathy Matsushita: Putting this here[in Luthiers Edge Facebook group] because the FB reply wouldn't take a video. Thanks SO much for such a detailed reply to my previous question about repairing FP finishes! I don't actually have the dings anymore --- what I have are some round areas that have shrunk down to almost flat, but they still show. What should I do now? Should I just start with the sandling block? If so, what grit first? Here's a short video (so you can see it better). (The creaking sounds are me moving the lamp shade back and forth.)


Tom Bills Hi Kathy looks like no big deal, you can fix it! ;) it's tough to say just from seeing it, but it looks like those areas have shrunken? I might try to add some more finish to them and build it up a little. You might be able to pull a lot of the texture out with the pad while you are working. Be careful because the temptation will be to overwork it since its so small of an area. Plan on quick session where you blot your pad well, then glide in and deposit some finish, pull that texture smooth and then leave it alone to cure for a while before the next session. Building more finish will give you more to work with when you do sand and might fill in some of the low spots so you don't need to sand as much. For sandpaper, the challenge is this: the micromesh can sand it without making huge scratches and make it easier to do the final coats for a smooth finish, but the paper backed sandpaper can sand it flatter, but will leave deeper scratches which is more work to get things built back up and smooth. You will have to feel this one out after you build some coats on there. I think I would probably try to get away with micromesh on a hard flat wood block. If that isn't getting things flat enough, then you will have to use a paper backed sandpaper to really get it flat, but I bet with some nice sessions of building up some finish and pulling it flat with the pad and a little help from some micromesh and a few more light final body coats you could make them go away. Trust your instincts and I bet you'll do an amazing job. Plus if anything like this happens in the future you won't have to worry because you'll know just how to fix it :)
May 18 at 2:05pm

Kathy Matsushita Wow...thanks SO much, Tom!! Really good advice! And, yes, those spots started out as very slight mounds, even after I thought I had leveled them with the razor blade & tape before padding on some finish. But, then I left it alone for a few days or so, and discovered that the finish was shrinking more and more, so the mounds disappeared, ending up with what you see in the video. I will follow your tips and see what happens!!!
May 18 at 4:31pm

Kathy Matsushita Hey, Tom!!! By the way, I've been working on repairing that FP finish -- just putting on a thin session or two per day, and letting it sit untouched till the next day. Taking it slowly, just to play safe. The 3-4 spots disappeared pretty much right away, and the finish has been going on nice and smoothly. I discovered another way to sand down any slightly still raised areas (after getting it as flush as I could with the razor w/tape) --- I think it was a Dan Erlewine or Frank Ford tip --- I took a thin strip of 600-grit sandpaper and ran it under my slightly-depressed fingertip over the spot. Carefully done, it has levelled the spots nicely!! Then I've been finishing over those areas, and things are looking pretty good! I also have been able to slowly fill in some light scratches by just refinishing those areas, too. Oh, and I have used your tip of using the small wedged foam block to apply the finish up to the edge of the back of the bridge.
May 23 at 2:05pm

Kathy Matsushita After I feel I've finished it enough, should I use the 3600 Micromesh with the foam block and mineral spirits/alcohol --- oops, mineral spirits/olive oil --- mix? And then, after that, the Novus?
May 25 at 8:11pm

Tom Bills Kathy, awesome, so glad the repair is coming along so well!! Love the sanding trick you did. I never doubted you ! :) I find that I get the smoothest looking surface if I do a little sanding with something really fine before the final coats go on. sometimes all it takes is this blue or even pink paper using the mineral spirits/olive oil mix or just olive oil to gently smooth a little repair spot and remove the rougher sanding scratches or some lint https://www.riogrande.com/.../3M-Tri-M-Ite.../337308
May 25 at 1:20pm

Kathy Matsushita Tom Bills Thanks, Tom!
May 25 at 11:14pm

Kathy Matsushita The FP repair is done, and it turned out well. I am relieved! I had let the 3-4 new sessions of FP sit for a few days, smooth-sanded it with mineral spirits/olive oil and 3600 Micromesh, and then added a few more sessions of FP. I let that sit for three days, and today I polished it up with Novus #2 (with a soft foam block and paper towel). Thanks, Tom, for your advice!!!
May 31 at 6:41pm

James Orr
Wow. You can't even see it, Kathy. That's great.
May 31 at 3:30pm

Tom Bills Awesome job Kathy!! Way to go!!
May 31 at 3:41pm

Karan Singh That's a great repair Kathy - well done you!
June 1 at 8:03pm

Kathy Matsushita Thanks, all!
June 1 at 8:58pm







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