June 14-21, 2004 . . . .This is what I did on Pat's guitar this past week.

Here's my new purchase for this summer! It's a Performax 10-20 benchtop drum sander. The "10-20" means it can sand pieces up to 10" wide in one pass; therefore, to thickness sand tops and backs, I just need to pass it through the sander one side at a time. One quarter-turn of the wheel moves the drum 1/64". It has a variable feed rate knob for the abrasive conveyor belt, in addition to the on/off switch for the drum. I used it to thickness sand my top and back, and it worked like a dream! Previously, I had tried hand-planing to thickness my tops and backs (I'm no good with a handplane) and even tried using a belt sander (not easy to be consistent there). This machine makes it SO easy and I am so glad I decided to purchase it!


Here's my top, after I have jointed, joined, and thickness-sanded it. I have drawn the bracing plan onto the top.

Pat wanted bearclaw spruce for his top; below, I've dampened the top a bit so you can see the bearclaw figuring.

TO THE LEFT: I have jointed and joined the Indian rosewood back. I have inserted a backstrip of ebony with thin white bordering strips.