Saturday, July 5, 2003

Now it was time to trim the ends of each of the sides, after I had bent them. I had never really had consistent luck before in doing this. Somehow my sides' ends would never butt up against each other perfectly on the first try -- I always had to fiddle with them to get them to match up with each other.

This time I tried a technique explained by David Hurd on his ukulele-building site, and it worked like a charm!!! (Thank you, David!!) Basically, you clamp one side in the mold (as you see to the right), mark the ends at the mold's center line, then rubber-band both sides together at one end, and sand on the disc sander. Rather than me trying to explain it here, here's a link to David Hurd's end-trimming method. (It's down on the bottom of the page.)

Below, I have trimmed the ends of both sides and have them clamped in the mold. (Those are not my end blocks you see --- they are just scrap blocks used as cauls.)



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