Well, it is finished!!!!

Actually, I finished the ukulele quite a while ago, about the third week of August, but the school year arrived and I got kind of busy!!! I didn't feel like pulling the spray equipment out (it was pretty hot weather then), so I just applied the Oxford PSL waterbase lacquer with a brush and rubbed it out by hand. With such a small instrument, it was easy enough to do it that way.

With the finish, the color of the cherry back, sides, and neck came out nicely, and I have heard that the cherry wood will darken with time, as well, so that might be kind of pretty.

Now I am learning to play the thing! It's a little bit tricky reprogramming my mind to the new fingering. For example, what I'd call a "G" chord on a guitar is now a "C" on the ukulele. A "C" guitar chord is actually an "F" chord on the ukulele. And so on . . .

But it's fun!!! The darn thing is so cute and little, it's a blast to play.

I found a couple of neat ukulele lesson sites, too ----

One, at http://www.beatlesite.info/ is a neat site with lots and lots of Beatle songs that you can play along with. The chords are pictured and played, as the lyrics are flashed before you --- kind of karaoke-style.





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