I installed a Stew-Mac Hot Rod (18") in this maple neck. Again, I gained much more experience in using the router to rout the 7/32"wide, 7/16" deep truss rod channel. I cushioned the rod at a few places with some dabs of silicone bathtub sealer. I really like the Hot Rod --- it's easy to install and works great!

After installing the truss rod, I glued on the rosewood fingerboard, then bandsawed out the neck and pegboard to their final shapes (following the practice of Dan Erlewine on the Stew-Mac videotape). This neck was kind of different from what I have been used to on acoustics, as its peghead is formed by just dropping the cut on the board (no scarf joint to do).

The final step was to carve the neckshaft, which, again, I did primarily with the microplane (it's great!!!) and install the frets. Oh, yeah....almost a dope (it is required that I do at least one dopey thing per instrument), I forgot to inlay the fingerboard dots before I fretted the fingerboard. Doing it afterwards was a little bit more tedious, but it got done --- but I forgot to take a photo.


Okay, here's the neck with the inlay dots. This photo was taken after I'd done the finishing and had rubbed out the finish. 


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