The Final Scraping


July 28th...I spent today scraping the dye off the bindings. I went at it very slowly and carefully, using various tools --- a single-edged razor blade, an Exacto knife with a narrow, pointed blade, and a micro-chisel.


July 29th...Today I went over the binding again, to make sure I had scraped off all vestiges of the dye. Finally, I taped the top of the fingerboard, in preparation for finishing.

Below are the results of my two days of scraping.....


There seems to be no end to the mistakes I make and the new things I learn (after the fact). I discovered, as I was scraping the bone point protectors, that bone is more porous than I had thought, and the dye had soaked more deeply into the bone than I could scrape off! I tried scraping the dye off, sanding it off, using alcohol to dissolve it off, and even bleaching it off with some wood bleach ---- all to no avail. I did get much of the dye off the bone, but it was still slightly stained by the time I had exhausted all my options.

I then considered removing the bone points, but concluded that would be too difficult, as I had used epoxy to glue them on. Finally, I decided to figure out a way to cover the dye with paint or something compatible. I ended up using some of that "touch up" glaze that you use to patch porcelain. I figured that might work, because the bottle said you could sand it smooth after it had dried. Well, it worked --- it covered up the dye, dried fairly quickly, and sanded to a smooth white



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