Bending the Sides and Gluing the Rim

June 23rd....Well, I spent all day today (from around 8:00 a.m. till now (around 8 p.m.) doing the bending on the electric bending iron, and I discovered one thing: I don't much like bending maple!!! It is SO much harder than bending rosewood or mahogany....or at least it seemed that way to me. It felt so stiff compared to rosewood. I did okay on the first, longest piece (the piece starting with the scroll and ending at the bottom point). The second short piece went okay, too. But when I got to the piece that attaches to the neck block (the treble side, that is) I had SO much trouble. I kept cracking the two curves there, no matter what I tried to do! Maybe because the two curves are so close together, in such a short section ---- maybe that's why it kept resisting any further curve I needed to put into it.

At any rate, I did manage to complete all the bending, although it was not a perfect fit to the form and the neck block and scroll, and I had to glue cracks there. I had a real tough time getting the ends of the two side pieces to curve around enough to neatly fit into the recesses in the neck block.


One thing...I didn't have any problems with scorching (I kept a wet cloth over the outside bends). And, to try to minimize the cracking, I held a strip of aluminum on the outside bend of the maple as I bent.

Above is the ultimate result.

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