The Fretboard Extender

 July 24th...Today I made the fretboard extender. This piece supports the part of the fingerboard which extends over the soundboard. Siminoff suggests using rosewood for this piece, because of its stability. I didn't have any rosewood this thick, so I made mine out of a piece of walnut. Only about 1-1/8" of the extender actually touches the soundboard. The countersunk screw you see in the middle of the extender is angled towards the neck and serves to tightly pull the extender against the binding crosspiece as it is glued  
 After I had glued the fretboard extender onto the top, I then made these two corner fillers, which fill the spaces on both sides of the neck. After that glue sets, I will carve the areas formed by the corner fillers, binding crosspiece, and fretboard extender tabs, to merge them into the rim.

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