The Back

 July 15...I jointed and joined the curly maple back today. To do the jointing, I again used my hand jointer, which I had made from ShopNotes plans. The curly maple came from Stew-Mac, cut in a "pie wedge" form.

 July 16...I started carving the back today. Besides the same Japanese gouge I used when carving the top, I also used the tools to the right and below ---- two small carving knives, two little Ibex fingerplanes, and the flexible disc sanding attachment for my drill press. I found the maple much harder to carve than the top, because of the waviness of the grain, and I ended up using the flexible sanding disc for a large part of the shaping. It took me two days to do the carving.



Here is the result of my carving. As I was carving, a knot appeared in one of the back halves; hopefully, it won't be too noticeable when the back is stained and finished.



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