More of Seattle . . . . Days 2 and 3

Then, on Tuesday and Wednesday, I was on my own. I knew by then what I wanted to see. TUESDAY, I searched out the Dusty Strings music store (pretty famous in lutherie circles, as it started out as a hammered dulcimer shop) --- actually, I had had no idea it was in Seattle, but I caught a glimpse of it on the basic tour on Monday. It was in a section of Seattle called "Fremont", which reminded me a lot of Berkeley --- very hippie-ish and artsy-funky. Went on the Underground Tour (Seattle was built on top of the original town). Took the ferry to Bainbridge Island. Went to Pike's Market (where they throw the fish) and ate at the Athenian Restaurant there (where, supposedly, Tom Hanks ate at the counter in "Sleepless in Seattle"). (Oh, yeah.... I also managed to take a photo of the houseboat that they had Tom Hanks live in in "Sleepless in Seattle" --- I just think living on a houseboat would be so neat.)

LEFT: The Underground Tour --- both the old and the new. Right above your head is the street and sidewalk.

BELOW: A few shots of the Seattle skyline from the ferry heading for Bainbridge Island and the return trip. It amazed me how the entire bottom of the ferry was filled with cars, motorcycles, and bicycles!!!!

BELOW: Pike's Market. That man you see at the left in the orange waders is the guy who throws the fish. He yells at the man behind the counter, that man yells back --- I could never understand what they were yelling --- and then he throws the fish to the counter-guy, who wraps it up for the customer.


RIGHT: The "Sleepless in Seattle" houseboat!


WEDNESDAY, I went to the Museum of Flight (just south of Seattle) and boarded the Concorde and AirForce One (Presidents' airplane). The Concorde was really narrow inside, and the AirForce One wasn't as spacious inside as I had envisioned it --- I guess TV cameras make everything look bigger. Went in a fighter plane simulator, in which I probably killed my co-pilot and me by my inexpert piloting. In the afternoon, I went to the SAM (Seattle Art Museum), which had a fantastic special exhibit of Van Gogh, Picasso, Seurat, Mondrian, etc., among other exhibits. They had these audio players that you could listen to as you viewed the pieces. I ended up buying a neat little night light of Van Gogh's "Café Terrace At Night" painting. Ate at a Japanese restaurant on the steps that go up from Pike's Market.


RIGHT: Here's the famous "Hammering Man" sculpture outside the entrance to the Seattle Art Museum.

I really, really liked Seattle. I found it easy to find my way around (hardly ever got lost) and found it a really colorful, lively, and beautiful place. I wouldn't mind visiting there again sometime.


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