Had three whole days to spend in Seattle. MONDAY was spent on a guided tour of Seattle ("Explore Seattle" tour, by Customized Tours -- very friendly people), and then a tour of Snoqualmie Falls and the Columbia and Chateau Ste. Michelle wineries. The basic tour was pretty neat --- one of the neatest things was seeing the locks and the salmon ladders. Amazing what those salmon can do. That evening, I ate at a great fish house called "McCormick's" in downtown Seattle (my tour guide had recommended it).

A few interesting characters we came across in our "Explore Seattle" tour . . . .

LEFT: Inside the Chateau Ste. Michelle winery, where we enjoyed a guided tour and some delicious tastings of some of their wines.


BELOW: On the grounds of the winery were a few trout ponds, with several ducks happily sharing the space.

BELOW: Try as I might, I just wasn't quick enough to snap the shutter at the right time --- this was the closest I came to catching the salmon in mid-leap up the water "ladder". If you look really closely, you can catch a glimpse of a leaping salmon to the left in the picture.

TO THE RIGHT: That's Snoqualmie Falls --- it is really a powerful, impressive sight.

Here's McCormick's, where I ate that evening. I had some delicious salmon, stuffed with cheeses and shrimp.....

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