Workroom Remodel Fall 2014


Wednesday, December 28, 2016:

I was browsing through my Photos album tonight and found this video I'd made, just after I'd painted and remodeled my guitar making room, back in October 2014. (This was before I had replaced the carpet with laminate flooring, and before I had installed my new workbench shelving, organization bins, and new fluorescent lighting.)

I had never posted this video, for some reason. I thought it'd be neat to post it now, though, because it offers more detail than my still photos of the remodel did.

If you're one who, like me, likes looking at other people's workspaces, enjoy!




If you'd like to see the finished results of the Workroom Remodel, click HERE.


And, for an account (originally posted on Facebook) of the actual PROCESS of renovating my workroom, with detailed descriptions, click HERE.


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