Workroom Remodel 2015


Wednesday, August 5th, 2015:

I was working on my guitar in my workroom tonight, and I realized just how much I LOVE my "new" space (since I remodeled it this past October)!!! It's pretty amazing how much better you feel you can work in a space that's organized and neat.

One new thing I did tonight was to rearrange a section on my new shelves, to contain my French polishing supplies, and to create a kind of "French polishing station" --- that's how much I've decided I love French polishing!!!

Felt so good about my room that I decided to take a bunch of new photos of the room, from every angle!!!
























Got a little bit nervous about my nicely French-polished guitars hitting the wall, so tonight I cut up a little piece of carpet scrap and tacked it to the wall behind my new "French Polishing Station".


Got tired of the dim ceiling light in my guitarmaking workroom. Took a ridiculous three hours to install a new fluorescent light fixture in its place. (Have never done this before.)

Out with the old, in with the new!






























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